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Real Estate Protection

We understand the difficulties that may arise relating to the division of real property at the time of death. This includes conflicts relating to the method of distribution and whether or not to sell such real property.

Federal and State Laws

We provide services to ensure your family home is protected by utilizing Federal Laws and Texas State Laws to the full extent to ensure that your spouse and children have a right to occupy real property and that your mortgage lender does not call the loan due to a change in ownership.

Real Property Chain of Title

The real property chain of title must be clear from the previous owners to the current owners. It is best to remedy any possible real property title issues now rather than passing that burden to your beneficiaries. We can research your real property title to ensure that no clouds or defects exist. We can also remedy any title issues by drafting and filing of record the proper conveyances, affidavits of heirship, or affidavits of fact.

Real Estate Protection

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